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Sewing machine
high speed pairs of line chain sewing machines

SJ shell stitch overlock sewing

SJ1-2 woolen blanket overlock sewing machine
Tune creasing sewing machine
Back muscle sewing machine
Three steps four points zigzag sewing machine
1-/2-needle triangle stitch sewing machine
Button attaching sewing machine series
Two needle double chain stitch picot and fagotting zigzag machine
 September 1, 2006 to 4th,Joins the Guangzhou South China internationally to sew the equipment
exposition.Address: Guangzhou international conference exhibition center (Hsin Kang east road four
stringed instrument continent exhibition hall),Welcome the new old customer to visit the visit to
instruct at the appointed time. (2B-E47 number hall, F01 stall)
2005 Shanghai international
sews equipment exposition
2007 Shanghai CISMA exposition
Qidong Nanyang Industry Sartorius Co.,Ltd.